Queen Entrepreneur Mentorship

About Program

Queens ministry is focused on empowering women spiritually, mentally and economically .The ministry has a clear interest of Gods desire to have women who are empowered all round.This is a platform aimed to providing practical knowledge to the Queens and prepare them for opportunities.

‘Do business until I come back’ was the statement Jesus left to the disciples ,but the bible says He opened their mind to understand scripture because in understanding scripture the will of God ,they will embark on Kingdom projects unhindered. But how can we do business, if we don’t have the specific  knowledge to start, to and to established in the market place.

The ministry  provides knowledge on financial keys, the financial management and  wise investment. Under this ,the ministry is  able to unveil the special gifts and talents ,suppressed career and  support then and some extend fund them, as you know that it’s our gift that will make us to sit with kings, on how to empowering them economically.

We invite established organizations to come and offer this knowledge to women .We also target women who life seemed to have beaten them ,due to their life circumstances such like abused buttered women , who have the skill ,the knowledge, the finances but they don’t know how to stand on their feet.

We have other categories of women who have the skills, knowledge, business ideas ,expertise, business plan but they don’t have the finances to implement them .or they lack opportunity to exhibit these to get profits .

The ministry work closely these women to  ensure these women have empowered not only for themselves but  also for others.

QMI & WorldRemit Workshop

In partnership with WorldRemit, we have been able to organize entrepreneurship workshops to empower women in businesss.